Familiar Desktop Computing
Blue Squid Solutions, Inc. offers the most advanced solution for hotel Business Centers today with a virtual “at home” experience. Once a session starts, the user will be treated to a normal desktop (Windows, Mac, or Both!), select their browser of choice, and take advantage of full functionality. Our familiar desktop solution eliminates the confusion and learning curve often associated with typical Business Center environments.

Business Center Features

  1. Space-Saving, Energy Efficient Dell Equipment

  2. Internet Browsing, Instant Message, and E-mail Access

  3. MS Office including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

  4. Quick Links to Boarding Pass Printing

  5. Complete Privacy and Security

  6. Easy Access USB Ports

  7. Laser Printers

  8. Fax, Copier, and Scanner Options

  9. Webcams and Internet Phones

  10. Wireless Printing for Laptops

  11. Credit Card and Cash Payment Options

  12. Access Codes to Utilize Remaining Minutes

  13. Customizable Screen Savers

  14. ADA and PCI Compliant

  15. Lobby PC Design

  16. Creative Furniture Design Options

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Business Centers

Privacy and Security
Our Business Center is built with a robust backend ensuing guest information is safe and secure. Upon completion of each user session, our Business Center kiosk application will automatically refresh to its original state wiping out all data, applications and browser history from the previous user. This preserves privacy for the guest and protects the hotel from unwanted predators.

World Class Service
We offer World Class Support by trained technicians who understand the importance of efficient service. We take ownership in knowing your hotel guest’s Business Center experience is in our hands and go above and beyond to ensure complete satisfaction. Our Business Center Solution comes with proactive monitoring capabilities allowing us to anticipate an outage and address concerns prior to affecting you or your guests. Options include:

  1. 24/7 Live Technical Phone Support via toll free number

  2. Remote Monitoring with Auto Alert to our Support Center

  3. Site Visits from Dedicated Customer Service Representative (certain markets)

  4. Free Software Upgrades

  5. On-going Hardware Maintenance

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