Driver’s License, Passport and ID Scanners (Scan2PMS™)

Businesses are looking for technology to expedite guest check-in, improve operational efficiencies, and protect assets from false chargeback claims and erroneous personal identification. We address these needs and more with Scan2PMS which instantly captures guest data from driver’s licenses, passports and IDs.
Scan2PMS is a customized application that utilizes Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to capture relevant data from IDs and disperse into appropriate fields. If desired, a digital image of the entire ID or the facial photo can also be extracted. Scan2PMS can easily be integrated with third-party applications including most Property Management Systems.
We offer a number of hardware options including driver’s license only, two-sided driver’s license with barcode reading, and combination driver’s license/passport scanners. The scanners are compact, portable, and easily incorporated into any front desk setting.

Streamline Operations

  1. Instantly Scan Driver’s License, Passports and IDs 

  2. Reduce Check-in Time and Enhance Guest Service

  3. Secure your Property with Captured Guest Images for Proof of Stay 

  4. Increase Staff Productivity and Reduce Labor Costs

  5. Go Green - Eliminate Need for Staff to Make Photocopies Reducing Time and Costs

  6. Capture Images of Business Cards, Travel Cards (i.e. AAA©)

  7. Easy Photo Retrieval for Guests Needing a New Room Key

Innovative Technology

  1. Customizable to work with most any Windows-based Application

  2. OCR and Barcode Recognition

  3. Flexible Options to Capture the Entire ID Image or Just the Facial Photo

  4. Customized Fields for Data Capture

  5. Scan and Save Multiple Images Per Guest (PMS dependent)

  6. Driver's License Authentication

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