We can also work together with you and your organization to create a customer service program and process that will improve your internal and external customer satisfaction. We create training programs and workshops based on the needs of your organization for both front line staff and management. Our consultants will help you improve your customers' experience, which in turn will keep your customers loyal to your organization. Blue Squid Solutions also consults in the area of new business and partnership development within the hotel and restaurant industry.

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Imagine customizable flight information displays anywhere in your hotel. Whether you target business travelers, leisure travelers or both, bringing more value to guests and keeping them longer in your hotel are keys to success. With our added Information Kiosk you can also show weather, news, paid advertising and more. Allowing you to easily add in-house brand building, third party advertising and valuable destination information about local attractions and points of interest. Better service for your customers and a differentiator for your company.

At Blue Squid Solutions, Inc. we offer a full line of technology products from our Innovative Touchscreen Flight/Resort Information Kiosks to our Business Center and ID Scanning Solutions.