Flight information when and where you need it.

microFIDS Plus is a new and exciting way to create a better experience for travelers while bringing revenue and branding opportunities to your organization. With microFIDS, keeping travelers aware of important flight information is simpler and more cost-effective than ever.

Located virtually anywhere

microFIDS is a flight information display system that gives busy travelers up-to-the-minute information where they need it most—like hotels, car rental facilities, shuttle buses, airport concessions, or passenger areas. Using microFIDS lets you easily and affordably deploy flight, weather and destination information in a compact, wireless display that can be located virtually anywhere.

microFIDS can be displayed just about anywhere—on the concierge desk, mounted on walls strategically, on pedestals, in rooms, on tablets. Installation is fast and easy and the service is fully managed and backed by ARINC’s 24×7 Help Desk and maintenance staff. There are a wide variety of pricing options designed to fit any budget, including one with no upfront cost.

Benefits & Features for hotels include:

  1. Sleek professional look

  2. Wayfinding

  3. Traffic and weather information

  4. Available in wide range of screen sizes

  5. 3 component setup—central server, remote display and local wireless connectivity

  6. Can be setup in hotl-managed transportation

  7. GPS can provide greater ability to target ads to location

  8. Valuable brand awareness tool

 Flight Information Displays

The simple fact is the more time hotel guests spend in a hotel the more likely they are to spend money in that hotel. Increasing dwell time equates to increasing revenue. microFIDS provides an ideal way for hotels to display flight information that can tell guests if their flights are delayed or cancelled before they ever leave the premise. Valuable hours waiting can be spent in your lounge or restaurant. If they have to stay another night they can rebook the room right then and there. Integrated custom content can tell them about your specials and promotions or serve as a lucrative revenue generator to advertise local establishments and entertainment.

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In-Room TV

MicroFIDs can become one more component to the hotel’s interactive television offering. By deploying the flight information system in the television distribution center and connecting right into the television distribution on a specific channel, flight information is available to each guest in the comfort of their hotel room.

More than Flight Information

microFIDS has a host of features and includes a user-friendly management tool, iSmartTM, so not only can you display arrival, departure, and airport screens, but you can show weather, news, paid advertising and more. Using microFIDS, you can easily add in-house brand building, third party advertising and valuable destination information about local attractions and points of interest. Better service for your customers and a differentiator for your company.

In a wide variety of sizes, microFIDS runs on COTS standard screens as small as 10.4 inches to 42” and larger.

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